Who Am I?

that’s a damn good question…
one that’s taken me years to figure out !!


Hey there, I’m L.Y. Marlow.

and I’ve been on a long journey, confronting and overcoming my monsters. It started nearly ten years ago when I was going through a very difficult time (divorce, lost my mother, completely bankrupt—emotionally, spiritually, and financially).

One evening, drowning in tears, I called my daughter’s three year old little girl named Promise , and she said something to me that would ultimately change my life:

“bumblebee, just close your eyes real tight and just don’t look at the monsters.”

i had no idea that i was about to face some of my most terrifying monsters—fear, worry, doubt, regret, grief… 13 to start. I know, i had issues. who don’t?

it’s the story that i tell in my memoir: don’t look at the monster and later inspired the monster theory.

now , my mission in life is to create simple, meaningful things—like my books, BLOG, podcast, webinars, courses, WORKSHOPS and other monster ass-kicking stuff—to empower other women to confront and overcome their monsters and embrace their passion, purpose and power!