The Little Girl Who Taught Me About Suffering

I have a confession to make, but only if you promise not to judge…. scouts honor?

Ok, here it goes…

I recently got custody of my granddaughter Promise and everything I knew to be true and sane and orderly in my life came to a streaking halt.

With the exception of a few chaotic things that I was working towards to embrace greater balance, I loved my life! I loved my freedom…

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L.Y. Marlow
Why You Shouldn't Let Worry Worry You

I Worry too! A lot. Well, maybe not a whole lot. But enough that I even worried about writing this blog.

I didn’t always Worry. Especially after I’d convinced myself that Worry was for the aimless souls who fretted over pointless stuff.

But still, I’d obsess, dragging myself through every conceivable thought process, in an effort to think of all the things that could go wrong. By the time I was done, I’d scripted, plotted, screened, produced and directed a whole soap opera. Seriously!

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L.Y. Marlow
33 Reasons Why You Should Make Fear Your Friend

Let me be frank with you. I’m no Psychologist or Life Coach. I’m just a girl from around the way who learned a thing or three.

Like anybody, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. At times, I was a hot pancake mess! Until a wisdom teacher once said to me: Life is happening for you; not to you!

I wanted to dig a hole in somebody’s back yard and stick my head in it! I couldn’t see past my knees let alone figure out how life was happening for me. I soon came to understand…

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